Southwest Skin Inspections

Southwest 737 no paint A. Kwanten

After last Friday’s well-documented in-flight decompression on Southwest Airlines Flight 812 over Arizona, Southwest grounded 79 of its 737-300s pending further inspection. 19 of the aircraft have been inspected and returned to service as of this morning.

On Sunday, Southwest sent nine 733s to Paine field and Aviation Technical Services for work related to these inspections.

The aircraft seen here, N682SW, was already in for work – hence the stripped paint. N682SW (msn: 23496) was delivered to Air Berlin USA in April, 1986. Prior to being bought by Southwest in 1991, it also spent a season with British Airways.

Behind, and visible only as a tail, is Southwest’s first and oldest 737-300, N300SW (“Spirit of Kitty Hawk”, msn: 22940) delivered in November of 1984 and just the 7th 737-300 built.

Photographer: Alex Kwanten.

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