Winglets approved for Precision 757-200 conversions

  • David Harris
  • August 29, 2012
  • Archive

Freighter-conversion specialist Precision Conversions received approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration to provide 757-200 passenger-to-freighter and passenger-to-combi conversions on aircraft with winglets.

The FAA approval is important not only to Precision, but also in a broader sense, because it opens the door to a post-passenger life for the over three hundred 757-200s currently operating with winglets. This both increases the feedstock pool for conversions, and increases the future value of the aircraft.

The first 757-200 with winglets to be converted is unit26273, an ex-Sun Express aircraft shown above. It is in fact the conformity aircraft in Precision’s 757-200 passenger-to-combi program, and scheduled for first flight in early September. It is being converted for Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) for end user Air Transport International (ATI), which will use it to replace one of the DC-8 combis it operates in support of the US military. (Both CAM and ATI are subsidiaries of Air Transport Services Group)

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