Cargo Facts launches passenger-freighter database

Cargo Facts made available today a new passenger-freighter module within its popular freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) database.

Since late March, Cargo Facts has been compiling a list of the aircraft that airlines have deployed on cargo-only missions during the COVID-19 crisis, based on information shared by airlines, handlers, forwarders, charter brokers, etc.; special cargo-only timetables; and detailed analysis of flight patterns and routes. Our records show that more than 100 carriers have now operated around 900 passenger aircraft for the sole purpose of transporting cargo.

The tool allows subscribers to explore global passenger freighter operations by aircraft type, carrier and region. Aircraft are tracked by MSN and registration in the database. As the situation changes on a daily basis, the list will be updated regularly, as long as passenger aircraft continue to be used in large numbers, exclusively for cargo service.

It is also possible to export the data, either as a subset based on a specific search, or in its entirety.

Interested in learning more about the passenger freighter fleet? Stay tuned for our analysis in the May issue of Cargo Facts. If you’re not already a subscriber, get started here.

We note that, despite our best efforts, this list is not exhaustive but is intended to give a solid estimate as to the unprecedented scale of this kind of operation. If you have any questions, or note any omissions, we invite your feedback.

The searchable database is available here:

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