Third Jetran 757-200 for Swiftair enters P-to-F conversion

The final aircraft in a three-aircraft 757-200 passenger-to-freighter conversion deal between Jetran and Precision Aircraft Solutions is expected to arrive in Jacksonville (VQQ) for conversion at about 5:30 PM local time today. Once converted, this third unit (25296) will join the other two (24613 and 24614, all ex-American Airlines) in operation for Spain-based Swiftair [FATs 005011-5020].

Touch labor will be performed by Flightstar Aircraft Services in VQQ. According to flight tracking data on FlightAware, the first two aircraft are still in conversion at VQQ.

Swiftair has not operated 757s on its own AOC before, but gained familiarity with the airframe type last year after it acquired Spain-based Cygnus Air, which operates two 757-200PCFs. While the cargo customer for the 757Fs is not known for certain, most of Swiftair’s current jet freighter fleet operates for DHL Express. It would not be surprising if the three Jetran freighters also join Swiftair’s DHL operations.

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