Cargo Facts has released an updated agenda for the ninth edition of Cargo Facts Asia, which will take place Apr. 21-22 as a digital event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to our decision to change the format of the event and we believe the virtual experience will make it both safer and easier for our speakers and attendees to participate. All attendees will be able to tune in to live sessions and submit questions in real time. There will also be a number of prerecorded sessions.

While Cargo Facts Asia will now be virtual, the valuable networking opportunities of our in-person events remain. Attendees will be able to customize their own schedules, request one-on-one meetings, and send instant messages. Further details about the new digital dynamic of the event can be found here.

With worldwide passenger flight cancellations resulting in a significant drop in airfreight capacity, cargo operators have taken center stage in the fight against the pandemic and in keeping critical supply chains intact.

The agenda for Cargo Facts Asia 2020 has been refreshed to reflect the challenges and opportunities the industry currently faces, as well as the strategies for when the world recovers. There will be panel discussions, presentations, and an exclusive one-on-one Fireside Chat with Tamada Toshiya, executive vice president of global marketing and sales at ANA Cargo.

Here are some of the sessions we have lined up:

  • Cargo in the Age of COVID-19: Short Term Outlook and Opportunities;
  • A breakout discussion on Overcoming Operational Challenges: COVID-19 and Beyond;
  • The Cargo Facts Consulting 2020 20-Year Freighter Forecast;
  • Freighter Conversions, Fleet Planning for Asia’s Emerging Express Hubs;
  • Trends in Pan-Asian E-commerce Logistics; and
  • Planning for Recovery: Cargo Opportunities in APAC.

Have a speaker recommendation? We would love to hear from you.

To learn more, check out the full agenda on our event website.

The first 25 attendees to register by Friday, April 3, will receive an early-bird discount of 20%.

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