FAT Frequently Asked Questions

Each reported transaction occupies a record and is assigned a four-digit FAT Code.

Data Fields

FAT Code                      

A four-digit number corresponding to a single aircraft and transaction/event.


Aircraft type (e.g. A330, 767).


Aircraft model (e.g. -200F, -8F). Factory freighters are denoted by ‘F‘ as the last character; converted freighters are indicated in as much detail as possible (e.g., BDSF, PCF). Specialized freighter types include: ‘QC’ = Quick Change, ‘C’ = Convertible, ‘M’ = Mixed; aircraft without one of the above suffixes are usually passenger aircraft.

Pub Date

Date (or date range) the transaction or event was published on Cargo Facts or in Cargo Facts Update.


Manufacturer serial number/construction number (c/n). Following common industry convention, MSN is used for most aircraft, while c/n is used for Airbus aircraft.

From Party                   

Source/seller/lessor of aircraft (may be blank when unknown or not applicable). In the case of Orders, the ordering party is usually listed as the From Party.

To Party

Destination/buyer/operator of aircraft (may be blank when unknown or not applicable). In the case of Orders, the manufacturer or conversion house is usually listed as the To Party.

Transaction Type

Major transactions or events involving freighter aircraft or conversion feedstock. These include: Conversion, Order (for production freighters), LeaseAcquisition, ACMI, CMI, Storage, Retirement, and Transfer.

Transaction Stage

The Transaction Stage is a subcategory that tracks how a transaction progresses. These include: LOI, Order, Option, Option exercise, Induction, Redelivery, Delivery, Order cancellation, On lease, Off lease, On ACMI/CMI, and Off ACMI/CMI.


Can I suggest changes or amendments to the FATs?

Yes, please contact us to propose changes or submit a transaction. In your correspondence, we ask that you be as specific as possible.


How often is the data updated?

FATs data is updated weekly.