Regional freighter fleet in 2022

The table below shows all the regional freighter aircraft with payloads of approximately 3.4-8.8 tonnes actively in service as of the end of October 2022, and accompanies our regional fleet analysis published in the November 2022 issue of Cargo Facts. Click on each column header to sort by ascending or descending order.

OperatorATR 72-600FATR 72F LCDATR 72F BulkATR 42FATPFFokker 50FQ400FQ100/300FCRJ100/200FSaab 340FEMB120FSD3-60TOTAL
Aeronaves TSM000000001400014
Air Cargo Carriers000000000002525
Air Century0010000000001
Air Flamenco0000000000033
Air North0001000000001
ASL Airlines Ireland6010000000007
ASL Airlines UK0010000000001
Air Inuit0000000300003
Amapola Flyg0000030000003
Amelia International0010000000001
Berry Aviation0000000000909
Bluebird Aviation0000003000003
Calm Air0040000000004
Canadian North0002000000002
Castle Aviation0000000006006
Cebu Pacific0100000000001
DHL de Guatemala0001000000001
Empire Airlines10680000000015
Fleet Air International0212000004009
Freight Runners Express0000000000909
Gulf & Caribbean Cargo2001000020005
IBC Airways0000000008008
Jetways Airlines0000030000003
Legends Airways0000000004004
Morningstar Air Express0040000000004
Mountain Air Cargo00990000000018
North Star Air0130000000004
NXT Air0011000000002
Pel-Air Aviation0000000003003
Poste Air Cargo0020000000002
Ryan Air Alaska0000000002002
Silverstone Air0000010000001
Solenta Aviation0300000000003
Solenta Aviation Côte d'Ivoire0100000000001
Solenta Aviation Gabon0200000000002
Summit Air0130000000004
SwiftAir Hellas0000000000202
Trans Am Aero Express del Ecuador0001000000001
TUM AeroCarga0000000060006
Voyageur Airways0000000200002
Wasaya Airways0001000100002
West Atlantic0220000000004
West Atlantic Sweden0000500020007
Zimex Aviation00920000000011
Zimex Aviation Austria0001000000001
∑ = 9 ∑ = 13 ∑ = 75 ∑ = 35 ∑ = 5 ∑ = 7 ∑ = 3 ∑ = 6 ∑ = 24 ∑ = 50 ∑ = 36 ∑ = 32 ∑ = 295
Sources: Cargo Facts, carriers, ch-aviation,, FlightRadar24
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