CAM receives second ex-ANA 767BCF to be placed with UPS

Air Transport Services Group’s (ATSG) leasing arm Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM) has taken redelivery of the second 767-300BCF (24632) it acquired from Japanese carrier ANA Cargo and plans to lease to Atlanta-based UPS. The aircraft was ferried from Tokyo (HND) to Wilmington (ILN) via Anchorage (ANC), arriving on the morning of Nov. 15. Unit 24632, which […]

Diversification, robust demand for 767Fs elevate ATSG 3Q19 results

Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) reported an increase in customer revenue for the third quarter of 2019 of 79% year-over-year to US$366.1 million, partly because of the acquisition of Omni Air International in November 2018 but also because of strong demand for ATSG’s 767 freighters and flight operations. Operating income rose by almost 52% compared […]

Movers and shakers: Amazon and Chinese Express (global express fleet – Part II)

Yesterday, in part I, we began our four-part analysis of the worldwide express freighter fleet.  Today in Part II, we’ll examine the fleets of relative newcomers to the industry, such as Amazon, SF Airlines and YTO Cargo Airlines. Tomorrow, Part III continues with a company-by-company overview of the three largest integrators, FedEx, UPS and DHL, […]


积压的19架747-8F订单中,有大部分在未来是要交付给UPS的,而UPS对波音公司仍有15架同型号飞机的定期订单。至于波音订单薄中的其他四架飞机,尽管被指定给“身份不明的客户”,但这些飞机很可能最终会成为伏尔加航空集团(Volga-Dnepr Group)旗下某航空运输公司机队中的一部分。去年,在范堡罗航空展(Farnborough Airshow)上,波音公司和伏尔加集团宣布双方敲定了五架747-8F飞机的订单。今年3月份,波音公司向航空资本集团(Aviation Capital Group)交付了订单(64787)中的一架飞机,后者随后将该飞机租赁给了空桥货运航空公司(AirbridgeCargo)公司 [FAT 004793]。 于是,747-8F的未来将何去何从呢?目前,该型号飞机的产量正以每月0.5架的速度增长。如果没有进一步的订单或生产率的变化,747-8F的订单积压量将在2022年底左右枯竭。早在2016年,波音公司就已经在正式的场合暗示了该项目的结束不可避免。该公司在宣布其2016年第二季度的营收结果时表示,“如果我们无法获得足够的订单和/或市场,又无法降低生产和其他方面的风险,我们将能预料到我们会承担额外的、也许是重大的损失,有鉴于此,我们完全有可能决定终止747的生产。”
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