CFS 2019: Outsized cargo transportation after the 747-8F

SAN DIEGO  – “We don’t see a clear successor to the 747-8F, the 747-400F or the An-124,” said Michael Steen, COO, Atlas Air Worldwide during a discussion about widebody freighters at Cargo Facts Symposium 2019. Atlas Air is currently the operator of the world’s largest fleet of nose-loading freighters, which are used not only for […]

伏尔加 – 第聂伯集团计划建立全新货运航空公司

总部位于俄罗斯的伏尔加 – 第聂伯集团(VDG)计划在德国莱比锡建立一个新的货运航空公司,新组机队预计包括十二架AN-124货机。伏尔加 – 第聂伯集团的商务经理Slava Shakhov,在本周举办的“军事空运及空中加油会议”上对《空运通讯》透露,其正在计划对十二架AN-124中的“至少三架”进行大修。预计在2018年底,这些经过彻底修整的货机将会被制定派遣至新场所,为总部位于莱比锡的新航空公司服役。Shakhov表示,该航空公司名称以及投运的时间框架目前尚未确定,预计在2018年初,将会推出更为详细的相关情况。 此外,Shakhov还表示,伏尔加 – 第聂伯集团正在市场上积极寻求三架波音737-800改造货机,并准备用于商业用途。预计,这些货机拟将由伏尔加 – 第聂伯集团下属的子公司Atran航空来运营。目前,Atran航空的机队包括了三架波音737-400货机。

A new airline from Volga-Dnepr? And new freighters?

MADRID — Volga-Dnepr Group is planning to launch a new airline based in Leipzig, Germany, with some of the twelve AN-124 freighters in its fleet. Slava Shakhov, a Commercial Manager at Moscow-based Volga-Dnepr Group, told Cargo Facts today that the company is planning to overhaul “at least three” of its An-124s – and that those […]

Who will become the heavyweight champion?

It’s official. Both Ukraine-based Antonov Company and Russia-based Volga-Dnepr Group have confirmed they will end their decade-long sales joint venture, and go it alone in the outsize and heavylift marketplace beginning 1 January. The two companies created the joint venture, Ruslan International, in 2006 to jointly market their combined An-124-100 fleets. Given that their airline subsidiaries, […]

Antonov attempts to freeze Russian An-124 operations

Antonov is attempting to freeze Russian An-124 operations, while at the same time thawing out an old freighter that has been in the freezer for the last eight years. Yesterday we looked at the way Ukraine’s Antonov Group might market its outsize and heavylift capacity after announcing the breakup of its Ruslan International joint venture […]

Invisible cargo connections

Sometimes things just don’t make any sense. Maybe you read a story and came away scratching your head, wondering “Why would they do that?” Sometimes it’s more than one story or report. Sometimes it seems like you must be reading news about the air freight industry on another planet. And then, maybe sharing a drink […]

Silk Way goes big

Passing almost unnoticed at the Farnborough Air Show last week was an agreement signed by Silk Way Airlines and Ilyushin Finance Company (IFC), concerning the lease of an An-124-100. This was not a firm order, but the companies said they expected to firm the deal within a month. Azerbaijan-based charter specialist Silk Way Airlines (parent […]

More An-124s for Volga-Dnepr

We will continue with the conclusion of our multi-part analysis of the narrowbody freighter market next week, but for our end-of-the-week post we’ll go to the other end of the size spectrum with the latest news about, and a few photos of, the An-124 Last week we reported rumors that Russia-based Volga-Dnepr Group was looking to acquire […]
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