How will FedEx beat back Amazon’s challenge? Here’s a hint

FedEx yesterday offered a glimpse at how the express company will fend off competition from Amazon, which continues to develop its own Amazon Air dedicated air network. The secret: infrastructure. David Cunningham, president and CEO of FedEx’s express business, said during a presentation before the Wings Club in New York yesterday that FedEx’s infrastructure gives […]
  • JJ Hornblass
  • September 14, 2018

FedEx launches “Purple Runway” to alleviate potential pilot shortage

FedEx, in cooperation with Empire Airlines and Mountain Air Cargo, yesterday launched “Purple Runway,” a new pilot development program, that will “promote student interest in aviation careers at selected colleges and universities,” in the expectation of ensuring a steady supply of pilots in a market in which qualified pilots are increasingly scarce. The seeds of […]
  • Nina Chamlou
  • April 3, 2018


联邦快递与ATR签署了购买三十架ATR 72-600F的协议,外加二十架可选择订单。 这将会是ATR首次制造货运飞机,也是仅有的4-9吨有效载荷货机。截止目前,几乎所有的涡桨支线货机都由客机批量改造而来,且基本为散货装载用途。具体而言,改造仅是将飞机内部改造为货运配置,但是不安装大型的货舱门。 目前,共有超过200架的涡轮螺旋桨货机正在服役,大部分由大型快递企业运营,机型主要为散货装载配置。市场最受欢迎的机型是ATR 42、ATR72、BAe ATP以及Saab 340,然而,近年来只有ATR 72被大批量的投入货运机队。ATR 72如此受欢迎的部分原因是因为原料充足,部分原因则归功于总部位于瑞士的IPR所推动的货机改造项目。 全新推出ATR72-600货机机型对于货机改造业务的影响现在还未知,但是,假设所有改造货机的客户均为快件集成商,那至少联邦快递在可见的未来,将不再购买改造货机。然而,这并不意味着IPR将遭受损失,作为货机项目的一部分,ATR签署了一项技术许可协议,授予IPR在新机型上安装大型货柜门,以及结构的模块改造。 根据ATR的表述,新货机的机身将没有窗户也没有插座,拥有一个大型的货舱前门以及一个铰链式的货舱后门。机舱内部的变化包括E级的主舱甲板以及加固地板。货机将可以运载散装货物或是整板整箱的货物。ATR认为,主层甲板的容积量将达到74.6立方米,最多可以容纳七个LD3的集装箱,五个88英寸×108英寸的货物托盘,或是九个88英寸×62英寸货物托盘。ATR没有提供关于新货机的最大航程距离以及最大有效载荷参数,但考虑到ATR 72-600客机的最大航程距离为1,528公里(825海里),其货机的航程可能会更小,最大有效载荷可能接近9吨。 目前,联邦快递自身并不运营涡轮螺旋桨货机,其货机机队中有二十一架ATR 72F以及二十六架较小的ATR 42F,租赁给其他运营商并为联邦快递提供支线服务。 此外,另一则关于联邦快递的消息,其最近从波音公司接收了一架全新的波音777货机。
  • Charles Kauffman
  • November 13, 2017

FedEx is the Launch Customer for ATR’s new production freighter

ATR signed an agreement with FedEx for the purchase of thirty ATR 72-600Fs, with options for twenty more. This will be ATR’s first production freighter. Until now, any carrier or lessor that wanted a turboprop freighter had to first acquire a used passenger unit, and then have it converted to freighter configuration. Most such conversions […]
  • David Harris
  • November 8, 2017

The turboprop freighter fleet in 2017 — Part III

In Parts I and II of this analysis we looked at the turboprop freighter fleet in detail, breaking it down by operator, and discussing the changes to the fleet in the last year on a type-by-type basis. But turboprop aircraft are not the only choice for operators looking for small freighters, and today we examine two […]
  • David Harris
  • July 12, 2017

The turboprop freighter fleet in 2017 – Part II

In part I of this analysis, we began our examination of the current turboprop freighter fleet with some background, and then offered a breakdown of the fleet by type and operator. Today, in Part II, we look at the fleet in more detail by type, while in Part III, we will take a close look […]
  • David Harris
  • July 10, 2017

The turboprop freighter fleet in 2017

Today we begin a multi-part analysis of the worldwide fleet of turboprop freighter aircraft in commercial service, starting with some background and then showing the breakdown of the fleet by type and operator. You can read Part II here, and Part III here. Two years ago, in our analysis of the turboprop freighter fleet in […]
  • David Harris
  • July 7, 2017

Solenta Aviation to fly newly-converted ATR-72F for DHL

Yesterday, South Africa-based Solenta Aviation took redelivery of an ATR72-200F, converted to large-door freighter configuration by Switzerland-based IPR Conversions Ltd., at its ASI-Maintenance facility in Toulouse, France. IPR holds the STCs to perform both bulk-load and large-door modifications on the ATR72-200 and -500 series turboprobs. The first STC is for what IPR refers to as […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • March 28, 2017
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