String of deals in 4Q18 set ATSG up for growth in 2019

Yesterday, we considered how an application to the Department of Transportation revealed Air Transport Services Group’s (ATSG) desire to get into 777F operations through its subsidiary, Omni Air LLC. Today, we turn to ATSG’s 4Q18 results, which on the surface look disappointing, but actually position ATSG for significant growth in 2019 and 2020. The company […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • March 1, 2019

With a healthy pipeline of incoming 767Fs, ATSG now looking to 777F platform

Through a series of recent deals, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) has secured rights to a stable pipeline of 767-300 feedstock, and as a result, the company’s CAM leasing subsidiary expects to add at least twenty-five freighter-converted 767-300Fs to its portfolio over the next three years. With the growth of the 767 platform already dialed-in […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • February 28, 2019


近期,亚马逊宣布将向航空运输服务集团(ATSG)的租赁子公司货运飞机管理公司(CAM)另行租赁10架波音767-300型改造货机,以上飞机将于2019年与2020年,每年交付5架,租赁周期为10年,并包含为期3年的合同续延选项。亚马逊还将目前从CAM租赁的12架波音767-200BDSF以及8架波音767-300BDSF的租赁协议分别延长了两年和三年 。 然而,在以上10架新增租赁货机、以及在之前的20架租赁货机的基础上,亚马逊航空(Amazon Air)机队扩编可能还会继续,根据协议约定,亚马逊最多还会向ATSG申请17架额外的租赁货机,合计的波音767机型规模将达到47架。 所有租赁货机,将由ATSG下属的航空公司为亚马逊提供运营服务。具体服务的框架,类似于2016年,亚马逊和ATSG当时所签署的20架货机租赁协议。作为该协议的一部分,亚马逊有权购买最多高达19.9%的ATSG股份所有权。该认股权证将于2021年3月到期,关于亚马逊是否行使权利目前尚不清楚。 通过此次10架货机的交易协议,亚马逊进一步拥有了对ATSG的所有权从19.9%继续增加至最高达到33.2%的认购期权。该部分认购期权与ATSG的股票价格紧密相关。目前,ATSG的股票为每股21.53美元,相比2016年当时的每股9.73美元,增长了至少一倍。在2026年1月之前,如果亚马逊再行租赁17架货机,其对于ATSG的认购期权预计将从目前的33.2%扩大到39.9%。 亚马逊航空的机队扩编并不出人意料。上个月,ATSG和阿特拉斯航空集团(Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings)各自履行了协议要求,将20架波音767改造租赁货机交付给了亚马逊,并为亚马逊提供运营服务。业内人士和金融分析师认为,亚马逊机队扩展到45架货机以上,仅仅只是时间问题。近期,《货运事实》经分析认为,已经有超过40架货机,在以各种形式为亚马逊提供运营服务。 ATSG与美国航空(AA)达成协议,未来三年,ATSG将从美国航空获得20架波音767-300ER退役客机。在该协议达成后仅仅1天,亚马逊与ATSG宣布了此次10架货机的交易协议。通过美国航空流转出来的退役客机,ATSG会逐步部分或全部转换为货机配置,并在重新交付给货运市场。至少,其中部分的飞机资源,最终会租赁给类似于像亚马逊这样的重要客户。 在一系列新协议签署之后,问题变成了,50架货机或者67架货机(若购买期权全部履行),是否可以满足亚马逊航空的运营需求?2016年,亚马逊与ATSG和阿特拉斯的租赁协议在两个月之内相继宣布,历史是否会重演?目前,亚马逊没有表示还要租赁更多的货机,同时,阿特拉斯也没有富余的波音767机型储备。然而,在一个以发展速度著称的行业中,一切皆有可能。
  • Charles Kauffman
  • January 2, 2019

SkyTaxi adds first widebody freighter

On 19 November, Wroclaw-based SkyTaxi took delivery of a freighter-converted 767-200F (23021) on lease from Air Transport Services Group’s CAM leasing subsidiary. The freighter was currently operating in the fleet of ATSG’s charter and full-service airline, ABX Air. Not only does the 767F represent a monumental step for SkyTaxi – which currently operates just two […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • November 21, 2018

West Atlantic to operate 737-400Fs for FedEx

Sweden-based West Atlantic Group, parent of West Atlantic, a European cargo airline specializing in mail and express logistics announced in March 2018 that its four forthcoming 737-800BCFS would operate “on behalf of an express logistics provider in its current EU-network,” with the last aircraft entering into service in the first quarter of 2019. Yesterday, concurrently with […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • August 31, 2018

ATSG’s appetite for 767Fs to persist beyond 2019

Concurrently with the reporting of its 2Q18 financial results, during a call with financial analysts, Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) doubled-down on its commitment to the 767 platform through 2019 and beyond, signaling that it will add between six and ten of the type in 2019, and is likely to add more in 2020 and […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • August 7, 2018

ATSG reports adjusted third-quarter net income up 72%

Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) reported a third-quarter net loss of $33 million, as revenue increased 31.5% y-o-y to $254 million. A bad quarter? Hardly. As was the case with Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, the main cause of the reported loss was a change in the value of warrants issued to Amazon as part of […]
  • David Harris
  • November 9, 2017

Part III: The changing landscape of freighter aircraft leasing

On Monday, we began a multi-part series on freighter aircraft leasing which began with a look at the way in which a business that was originally fairly straightforward has become increasingly complex – you can see that discussion here. Yesterday, we continued with a closer look at the lessors themselves (see part II). while today we will […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • August 16, 2017
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