2017 – the view at the halfway point

Unlike sporting events, the air freight business doesn’t have a half-time break. Work goes on without a break – around the world, around the clock, around the year. But the calendar says today is the last day of the first half of the year, so, even though business continues without a break, today is a […]
  • David Harris
  • June 30, 2017

Exceptional cargo gains at Cathay and Turkish

After a very poor start in 2016, air freight demand began growing in the second half, and a strong peak season brought the full-year increase in cargo traffic to 3.2% above 2015 level. Still, 2017 began with everyone nervous about  the possibility that, after the strong peak, demand growth would fall back to the lackluster […]
  • David Harris
  • April 20, 2017

The widebody freighter fleet — part IV

Today we conclude our four-part analysis of the worldwide widebody freighter fleet. In the first three parts we looked at the composition of the fleet as it stands at the beginning of 2017, and how it has changed over the last twelve months. You can read Part I here, Part II here, and Part III […]
  • David Harris
  • February 10, 2017

The widebody freighter fleet — Part III

Today, in Part III of our annual widebody freighter fleet analysis, we turn from aircraft to operators. Tomorrow, we will conclude with a look into the future. (You can read Part I here, Part II here, and Part IV here). The chart in Part I shows that the 1,002 widebody freighters in the worldwide fleet are operated […]
  • David Harris
  • February 9, 2017

The widebody freighter fleet – Part II

We began this year’s analysis of the worldwide widebody freighter fleet yesterday, with a look at the composition of the fleet on a carrier-by-carrier basis, making particular note of the fact that despite an 18.5% increase in cargo traffic over the last five years, the total number of freighters in the fleet, and their total […]
  • David Harris
  • February 8, 2017

The widebody freighter fleet: The more things change…

Today we begin our annual review of the widebody freighter fleet with some general observations on fleet growth, and a look at the fleet on a carrier-by-carrier basis. In the days ahead will continue with an examination of how the composition of the fleet is evolving, at carriers that ceased operations and carriers that joined […]
  • David Harris
  • February 7, 2017

Psst, wanna work in China?

Well, if you happen to be a pilot, and type-rated on almost any modern aircraft, it might just be time to freshen up your resume! Chinese airlines are facing chronic flight crew shortages, and although the problem is not unique to China, the scale of the shortage is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Estimates […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • September 16, 2016

The A350 brings yet more belly capacity

Last year, when the first A350-900 entered service with Qatar Airways, it received attention for the contributions the aircraft would make to the passenger experience. Comfort aside, however, Qatar Airways’ Chief Officer Cargo Uli Ogiermann tells Cargo Facts the A350 is fitting in well on his side of the company. “From a cargo perspective, we […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • September 13, 2016
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