Air freight falters on weaker economy in DHL, WorldACD outlooks

While air cargo yields and volumes were up 7% and 2%, respectively, year-over-year for October, according to WorldACD, the latest release of DHL’s Global Trade Barometer assigns November air cargo trade its lowest index score since DHL launched the Barometer in January of this year. The falling outlook moving into peak season hints at larger […]
  • Caryn Livingston
  • December 3, 2018

China’s economy and the air freight industry

There has been much talk lately in the offices of Cargo Facts and Air Cargo Management Group (ACMG, Cargo Facts’ parent) about the economic situation in China, and its potential impact on the air freight and express industry. There are a few things that seem obvious and indisputable – “facts” if you wish, although “facts” […]
  • David Harris
  • August 27, 2015