Now what?

The world woke up this morning with a single question: “Now what?” The answer, particularly for those of us involved in the air freight and logistics industries, is: “Who knows?” Donald Trump, who will soon take office as President of the United States of America, articulated few policy positions, but one thing he did say […]

European (dis)Union

Looked at through the lens of aviation, the European Union seems to be trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time. On one hand, the European Commission has just published what it calls “a new Aviation Strategy for Europe.” This four-part plan includes initiatives to accelerate the Single European Sky project; to […]

Aircraft manufacturers as political footballs

It’s easy to think of Airbus and Boeing as corporate behemoths, all-powerful giants capable of getting whatever they want. But even giants have problems, and at the moment both Airbus and Boeing find themselves on the periphery of political battles that have the potential to hit their bottom lines. A political battle now underway in […]