Global shopping holidays continue to smash records

“11.11” which falls on 11 November, “Black Friday” the first Friday following Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, the Monday directly following Black Friday are all shopping holidays that began as regional events, but are now marketed and promoted around the globe. Each mouse click thrusts inventory replenishment, and in some cases expedited delivery requirements provide a […]

9 Things we learned during our trip to China – Part II

Yesterday in Part I of “9 Things we learned during our trip to China”, we offered a few insights on China’s domestic express and e-commerce markets. What follows is the second installment. We start with reason for optimism.  5. Cross-border trade and e-commerce are expected to be the main drivers for air cargo demand, and will fuel […]

Give thanks, and shop

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and as usual, distant relatives will convene at dinner tables across the country to discuss not only what they are thankful for, but also their Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping strategies. But this year, despite the air freight industry’s arduous efforts to ensure it is equipped […]

…and 200 airplanes!

11 11 2015. That is eight numbers, representing a day last week. Here’s another number: 14,300,000,000. That’s US dollars. $14.3 billion US dollars. Put it all together, and what you have is that on this year’s Singles Day in China, the eleventh of November 2015, e-commerce giant Alibaba logged $14.3 billion in sales on its […]
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