As Amazon boosts Prime speed, Walmart alludes to free one-day shipping

Last week during its 1Q19 earnings call, Amazon announced it would be “incrementally” investing $800 million to transition its two-day shipping program to next-day delivery for its Prime customers. The following day, in a post that appeared on the company’s Twitter feed, Walmart hinted that it was planning to up its game with a one-day […]

Amazon, Walmart extend aisle to last-mile

  • Caryn Livingston and Charles Kauffman
  • September 6, 2018
  • E-Commerce, News
Yesterday, Amazon announced an order with Mercedes-Benz for 20,000 delivery vans to support the company’s recently-unveiled last-mile delivery program, which for as little as US$10,000, will give third-party entrepreneurs and companies the tools to build out an independently-operated business around delivering parcels for the e-commerce giant. According to the company, all 20,000 Sprinter vans will […]

Walmart, invest $500 million in Chinese online delivery company

Walmart and will invest $500 million in the Chinese online delivery company Dada-JD Daojia. The company was formed from the merger of’s JD Daojia online-to-offline business and Dada Nexus, the crowd-sourced delivery company. JD Daojia partners with retail stores to provide one-hour delivery services for groceries and other items, and Reuters estimates JD […]

Walmart to acquire Indian e-commerce giant in largest such deal on record

Globally, there exist just a few e-commerce companies that could fetch more than the estimated $16 billion Walmart yesterday announced it will be paying for a 77% stake in India’s leading homegrown player, Flipkart. Pending customary regulatory approval, the acquisition could upend efforts by giants like Alibaba and Amazon to expand their presence in the […]

JD Logistics adds second major airline partner, who’s next?

Last year, Chinese consumers bought more fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, meats, and other perishable products through online channels than any other country in the world — and demand shows no sign of letting up. In order to accommodate this demand, the logistics subsidiary of Beijing-based, JD Logistics, has been actively expanding its domestic last-mile […]