Is a Trade War Coming, or is it Already Here?

Last week, President Trump allowed the exemptions on tariffs on US imports of steel and aluminum to lapse. What does this have to do with air cargo? First of all, after agriculture, one of the most likely targets of retaliation by other countries will be the US aerospace industry. In a one-two punch, Boeing would […]

Trade is what will keep America Great

As everyone involved in the air freight industry knows, calls for protectionism were a major feature of the US election. Donald Trump, the eventual winner, based his entire campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again”. How would he do that? It often seemed that his plan to make America great was based entirely on cutting the […]

Now what?

The world woke up this morning with a single question: “Now what?” The answer, particularly for those of us involved in the air freight and logistics industries, is: “Who knows?” Donald Trump, who will soon take office as President of the United States of America, articulated few policy positions, but one thing he did say […]
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