Dash 8-100 joins the growing list of turboprop freighters

Wasaya Airways will be the first to operate a freighter-converted Dash 8-100PF

In 2014, Canada-based Voyageur Airways, took on the development of a passenger-to-package-freighter conversion program for the Dash 8-100. The move was in response to an RFP “from a courier company looking for a regional aircraft solution to transport small package cargo.”

Between then and now, Voyageur has undergone significant change, starting with its acquisition by Chorus Aviation in May 2015, and its subsequent reorganization into three segments, with Voyageur Aerotech and Voyageur Avparts joining the original air operation under the umbrella of a new parent company, Voyageur Aviation.

During these changes, work continued on the Dash 8-100 P-to-F project, and Canada-based Wasaya Airways signed on as the launch customer with a two-conversion order. In late April, the first Dash 8-100PF was rolled out.

Following conversion, the 37-seat passenger aircraft offers a 4.5 tonne payload, with a range at max payload of 800 nautical miles (1,500 km). The E-class cargo compartment features a reinforced floor and 9G cargo nets to separate it into zones. Loading is via the original 1.27 m x 1.52 m aft cargo door.

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