Cargo container news

Plenty of news from the container side of the air freight business in recent weeks:

CSafe expands production of RKN refrigeration units. Amid strong demand for temperature-controlled ULDs to ship pharmaceuticals and other perishable cargo, CSafe Global added a second production facility for its AcuTemp-brand RKN units. A new 38,000 sq ft factory recently opened outside the firm’s Dayton, Ohio, headquarters to produce the RKN containers, which were FAA-approved in May to be carried on both upper and lower decks of commercial aircraft.  CSafe CEO Brian Kohr said the company has expanded its RKN fleet by 45% over the past 12 months.

Nordisk delivers lightweight LD3s to Korean Air.Nordisk Aviation Products began delivering 400 of its AluLite AKE LD3 cargo containers to South Korea-based Korean Air. The Nordisk AluLite containers weigh 65 kg each.

AAR buys Cool Containers. Aerospace and defense contractor AAR Corp established a beachhead in  the cold-chain pharma market with the purchase of Cool Containers, which owns the rights to the PharmaPort 360 temperature-controlled containers for biological cargo. The acquisition, made through the firm’s AAR Mobility Systems division, is expected to extend AAR’s reach into the logistics arena for military and commercial pharmaceutical shipments.


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