CFC: Large widebody freighter choices expand again

Although the final 747-8F will leave the Boeing factory in 2022, the fact that a few more options in the large widebody freighter segment have emerged over the past six months is good news for operators, according to Cargo Facts Consulting (CFC).

The A350F now has its first customer with a firm order and at least three more with commitments, while the 777-300ERSF and 777-200LRMF programs each have launch operators.

But this segment of the market is primarily geared toward new-build freighters and CFC expects that only around 20% of the 770 units to be added to the global fleet over the next twenty years to cater for growth and retirements will be conversions.

There could soon be another new-build entering the market, but it remains to be seen whether Boeing will opt for lower-density or higher-density cargo with its upcoming 777X freighter.

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Good news for operators as large widebody freighter options increase

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