Lufthansa Cargo becomes doubly cool

Lufthansa Cargo’s Frankfurt Cool Center will nearly double in size, from the current 4,500 square meters, to 8,000 square meters.

This is yet another indication of the international pharma market’s growing demand for air freight. At a time when the air freight industry as a whole was chastised for its inability to safely transport temperature-sensitive goods, the Frankfurt-based carrier was among the first to offer an unbroken cold chain, helped in part by its cool center, which opened in 2011. In its current state, the facility boasts four cold-storage rooms that are kept at varying temperatures (-12 to -20 °C, 2 to 8 °C, 5 to 15 °C, and 15 to 25 °C). Additionally, the facility is equipped with a deep-freeze room that has direct access to the apron.

The expansion project is set to begin in February, with completion expected by late summer. Last year, Lufthansa added IATA’s CEIV certification to its existing GDP certification to stay at the forefront of pharma handling.

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