Swiftair orders four 737-400 conversions from AEI

One of Swiftair's five 737-300Fs
One of Swiftair’s five 737-300Fs

Spain-based Swiftair placed a firm order for four 737-400 P-to-F conversions from Aeronautical Engineeers Inc, with an option for an additional four.

The first aircraft (24438, ex-Samair) is in conversion at the Commercial Jet facility in Miami, the second (24445, ex-Wat Phnom Airlines) will enter conversion at the same facility shortly.

In addition to 14 aircraft in passenger configuration (mostly ATR72 turboprops, but including three MD-83s), Swiftair currently operates a twenty-eight-unit freighter fleet, made up of two 737-400Fs, five 737-300Fs, six ATR72Fs, four ATR42Fs, one ATR42QC, and ten Embraer 120Fs. Much of Swiftair’s cargo flying is for DHL.

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