Expanded STC for IPR

Switzerland-based IPR Conversions received an extension to its EASA-issued ATR conversion STCs, and can now perform conversions on variants of the ATR42/72-500 series. The newly-expanded STC covers both its large cargo door and structural tube conversions. Until now, all of IPR’s conversion have been completed in Toulouse. A steady flow of conversion orders however, has prompted IPR to launch a second conversion center. Next month, an ATR 72-500 (467) will be inducted for LCD and structural tube conversion at the newly approved center, Contact Air Technik GmbH in Saarbrücken, Germany.

In other conversion news, US-based Global Aerospace Technology Corporation (GATCO) received an FAA STC for its 737-400 main-deck cargo loading systems.  The STC encompasses four different main-deck cargo loading system configurations, which are optimized for installation into PEMCO 737-400 P-to-F conversions.


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