Flying on the ground?

The latest word from Evergreen International Airlines’ head office in the US state of Oregon (as reported by The Oregonian) is that the Evergreen is still in business. But with all of its freighters now in storage, it is hard to see just what business the carrier could still be in.

The Oregonian quoted Mike Hines, Chairman of parent company Evergreen International Aviation, as saying “We’re still looking at all of the avenues. Everything’s still status quo.”

But whatever avenues the company may be exploring, it does not appear that Evergreen is still flying, because over the last two weeks all four of its 747-400 freighters have been ferried to either Victorville (25308), Marana (24199 and 26561), or Rome, NY (25702) for long-term storage. And with lawsuits against the carrier reported to be piling up, it is hard to see them returning to service any time soon.


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