Gestair-TNT 763F at Maastricht

Gestair 763F - Dennis Muller

Behold! The paint is only just dry on this 767-300ER BDSF, but it now wears the vibrant colors of TNT (painted by MAAS – Maastricht Aviation Aircraft Services). EC-LKI (MSN: 26544) will be operated by Gestair, who lease it from Guggenheim Aviation Partners, on behalf of TNT. The aircraft, delivered in 1992 to SAS, was converted by IAI-Bedek at the tail end of 2010. It also served with LAN as a pax aircraft from 2004 to 2009. EC-LKI will reportedly operate new services from Liege to Dubai and Dehli.

The aircraft was captured in the early morning twilight by contributor Dennis Muller.

Photographer: Dennis Muller. This photo may not be used without the express permission of Dennis Muller. To see more of Mr. Muller’s excellent aviation photos, including many freighters, click here.

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