Korean Air Freighters – Inside

Korean Air 777F Cockpit

Korean Air’s pilots know the 777 flight deck very well, with the airline flying both the 777-200ER, 777-300, and 777-300ER. Korean Air operates 31 passenger 777s, with several 777-300ERs delivered just in the past few months.

The flight deck of the 747-8F may look very familiar to anybody who has seen the inside of a 747-400 cockpit, and that is by design. Both aircraft share a common type rating and, out of the necessity of the design, the same narrower cockpit than other wide body aircraft. The crew rest area is slightly larger than that of the 777F, owing to the famous 747 “hump.” The 747-8F’s upper deck includes six crew rest seats and a sleeping area.

The cavernous interior of the 777F has room for up to 27 main deck pallets and a total of 18,301 cu. ft. of volume.

Photographer: Alex Kwanten


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