The STAT Trade Times Joins Cargo Facts Asia 2014 as a Media Partner

Airbus A332F (Photo: Sneeze Lam)

We are excited to announce the new media partnership between The STAT Trade Times and Cargo Facts Asia 2014!

The STAT Trade Times, published every month, is dedicated to provide in-depth information coverage for the Aviation, Tourism, Shipping & Transport industries, globally. It caters to the needs of Aviation and Air Cargo Industries worldwide. Apart from the print media which is regarded as one of the best trade media in Shipping, Transport, Aviation and Tourism (STAT) Industries in the Asia Pacific Region, the STAT Trade Times has launched its website for the benefit of STAT professionals and industries worldwide.

If you are interested in becoming a media partner for Cargo Facts Asia 2014, please contact me at or 646-837-5952.

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Featured Image: Sneeze Lam

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