What do you want to know about freighter conversions?

Sometimes you get lucky. And this year’s Cargo Facts Aircraft Symposium is one of those times for me. It is my great good fortune to have been asked to moderate Session 3, a round table forum entitled “Frieghter Conversions: What’s new on the P-to-F scene.”


I say good fortune partly because it’s a subject I’m deeply interested in, but mostly because my guests on the panel are such an interesting, knowledgeable, and enjoyable group to spend an hour with. Listing them alphabetically, we have:

  • Chen Yeong Jia, Deputy Chief Engineer, ST Aerospace
  • Jack Gaber, Vice President and General Manager of Marketing, Bedek Aviation Group
  • Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Precision Conversions
  • Wolfgang Schmid, Vice President, Freighter Conversions, EADS EFW
  • Dan da Silva, Vice President – Freighter Conversions, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Truly a stellar group. My only regret is that we don’t have three hours and enough room to bring in representatives from AEI and Pemco as well (but they joined us last year, and we can’t have every company, every year).

I’m looking forward to hearing this group’s thoughts on the next generation of freighter conversion candidates, and on the state of the market today and in the future. There should also be some good-natured banter on OEM vs. Independent, Airbus vs. Boeing, and maybe even on whether baseball or soccer is the more interesting sport to watch. And, of course, there will be an opportunity to ask questions from the floor, so if there’s something you want to know about the conversion business, this will be your chance to ask.

So I hope you’ll join us at this year’s event — which is now just three weeks away. Click here for full details or to register.


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