What’s old is new again

From Aviation Week, 1968

From Aviation Week, 1968

You think you have problems?

Do you worry that increasing belly capacity will depress yields and render your freighter operations unprofitable? That uncertainty about future growth will make it impossible for you to make long-range plans? Or that even if volume does grow, yields will crater?

Welcome to a very old club.

One of the senior staff here at Cargo Facts/ACMG was cleaning out his basement a couple days ago and found some pages he’d saved from three issues of Aviation Week & Space Technology over forty years ago. Then, as now, Aviation Week published an occasional article about the air freight industry, and the headlines on the three articles he’d saved were:

“Uncertainty Marks Outlook for Air Cargo” (March, 1968)

“Airfreight Volume Grows, Yield Slumps” (March 1969)

Growing Cargo Space Poses Challenge (March 1973)

We’ve scanned those pages, and you can take a trip back in time to look at them by clicking on the headlines above.


2 thoughts on “What’s old is new again

  1. Think positive, be positive, act positive : opt for the UltraFreighter = UF !
    (1) liberate access to the bonanza of containerised merchandise adopting the AGA;
    (2) play scale economics, going big … metaphorically, you need a flying Triple E;
    (3) create an ad hoc UF incorporating latest advanced engine technology;
    (4) give the UF top-level structural efficiency (ratio payload/MTOW ≥ 0.4);
    (5) give the UF logistic excellence with short docking turn-around times;
    (6) make maximum use of existing (CATIA-based) digital CAD-CAM protocols;
    (7) assure highest possible cargo load factors, to operate close to CATK bottom-lines;
    (8) adopt same security standards for AGAs as for shipping TEUs : GPS, e-tracking …

    http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Artistic_view_of_a_PrandtlPlane_freighter.png (by Vittorio C.)

  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rf293vnzkvp64vi/The%202nd%20Modal%20Revolution%20-%20an%20Apology%20of%20the%20UltraFreighter.pdf?dl=0

    —-> “The 2nd Modal Revolution – An Apology of the UltraFreighter”
    (6 pages A4 .pdf shared via DropBox)

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