China Airlines Cargo over South 188th

Inbound from JFK to Seatac on Runway 34R, which all the heavies use. The runway actually runs right over south 188th street in the township of Seatac. B-18718 (id: 30770/1348) is a 747-409F built for China Airlines Cargo in 2004. Photographer: A. Kwanten. Click on the photo to see it at full size (large).

A little surprise in the refueling tanker competition

Today is the final day for submission of bids in the US Air Force’s competition to replace its aging fleet of 707-based KC-135 tankers — aircraft that are now considerably older than most of the pilots who fly them. As expected, both Boeing and EADS submitted proposals. Boeing’s bid is based on its 767 commercial […]

Starliner 75 – and friend.

There really is a cargo aircraft in this photo, we promise, and it’s not one of Alaska Airlines Cargo’s 737s. Alaska painted N569AS (id 35184/2192), a 737-890, in this special scheme back in 2007 for the company’s 75th anniversary – it’s one of several special livery jets in Alaska’s all-737 fleet. The livery mimics that […]

A combi version of the 747 Large Cargo Freighter?

According to a report on the Flight Global website, Boeing is planning to add a 16-passenger cabin to its 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter, the heavily modified 747-400 the manufacturer uses to ferry 787 subassemblies from all over the world for final assembly in the US. Turning the LCF into a “combi” would allow Boeing to […]

Korean HL7603

Up and away with Korean Air Cargo’s 747-4B5ERF HL7603 (id: 34302/1368), bound for Incheon. This 744F was built for Korean Air Cargo in 2005 and first flew on Jan. 5, 2006. Photographer: A. Kwanten. Click on the image to see it at full size.

Boeing 787 #5 GEnx Engines

The fifth 787 off the line (id 40694/5) is also the first to fly with the GEnx engines. was lucky enough to catch this one live at BFI on one of its early tests. Dreamliner #6, the second GEnx 787, will fly for the first time late this month. The GEnx engines also power […]

The WTO verdict is in! And the winner is…

And the winner is: We have no idea. The World Trade Organization today published its decision on a case brought by the United States charging that Airbus received illegal subsidies, and that this caused harm to US aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The full text of the report is available on the WTO website. Although the entire […]

Looking ahead to peak season

Peak season for air freight is now just a few months away, so it is worth taking a look at factors that may affect demand this year. There are two conflicting theories, one of which predicts a fairly low peak, and one that predicts a high peak. We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on […]
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