Welcome to the Freighter Aircraft Transactions (FAT) Database.

The FAT contains those transactions involving freighter aircraft and passenger aircraft feedstock deemed newsworthy by Cargo Facts and Cargo Facts Update. The FAT Database contains transactions dating to December 2011 and was formerly only available offline. This CargoFacts.com interface now brings more than 6,000 transaction records and 3,000 unique transactions to subscribers in a friendly, easy-to-use format using dropdown lists that allow the user to retrieve transactions of interest. The data is generally updated monthly. We hope you find it a useful tool.

The Database’s FAQ contains definitions of each database field, and you find the FAQ here. You can also find some notes and disclosures about the database here, which are worth your review.

Finally, we welcome your feedback and correspondence. You can reach the FAT team here.

Notes & Disclosures | FAQ