FedEx orders more 767Fs, starts deploying them intra-Europe

FedEx Express recently exercised options to purchase six more 767-300Fs from Boeing [FATs 005050-005056]. The integrator expects to take delivery of these six frames in FY2022 and now has a total of fifty-two 767-300Fs on firm order following the recent delivery of 63107. Interestingly, according to FedEx’s Stat Book for the third quarter of fiscal […]

ATSG expands credit facility to grow 767 freighter fleet

Yesterday, Air Transport Services Group announced the growth of its credit facility by US$100 million to $645 million, along with a one-year extension through May 2024. Quint Turner, ATSG’s CFO, said the company will invest a majority of its $475 million capital expenditure budget this year to acquire thirteen 767-300s, most of which will be […]

2800+ new freighters to be added in the next 20 years, forecast finds

This is the first of three posts on the future freighter fleet based on the 2019 Freighter Forecast, published by Cargo Facts Consulting. The global freighter fleet will add 2,380 jet freighters and 421 feeder aircraft, according to Cargo Facts Consulting’s latest 20-Year Freighter Forecast. The 2019 Freighter Forecast was released today by Cargo Facts Consulting […]

ATSG nabs portfolio of 20 ex-American 767s for conversion

Cargo Aircraft Management (CAM), the leasing affiliate of Air Transport Services Group (ATSG), has agreed to acquire from Jetran twenty 767-300ERs slated to come out of passenger service with American Airlines over the next three years. As ATSG continues to secure conversion feedstock, the company is well positioned to supply the express industry’s seemingly incessant […]


本周,在西雅图举行的媒体活动中,亚马逊航空确认了其与阿特拉斯航空以及航空运输服务集团(ATSG)所签订的其余波音767改造货机的投运时间。下周,阿特拉斯航空将为亚马逊投运三架货机,而亚马逊专属运营服务的货机总数将达到38架。此外,40架约定数量的最后两架货机在进行改装,预计将于感恩节之前,由阿特拉斯航空为电子商务巨头亚马逊提供专属的运营服务。 此外,亚马逊宣布向梅赛德斯奔驰订购20,000辆货车,为其最近公布的“最后一英里”运输计划提供保障。第三方运营商和物流公司仅需提供10,000美元,即可获得相应的运输工具,并为亚马逊提供包裹运输服务。亚马逊宣称,至2019年底,20,000辆货车将全部交付给亚马逊附属的独立运营商经营。
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