September first look: annual comparisons still looking strong

Monthly annual comparisons for air cargo demand have been kind in 2017, with y-o-y demand growth nearing or surpassing double-digit figures nearly every month of this year. Based on historical demand growth, Cargo Facts expected that y-o-y monthly comparisons for September 2017 might reveal the beginning of a gradual decline to lower growth, but with […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • October 9, 2017


迄今为止的有力证据显示,8月份航空货运需求持续强劲增长,《空运通讯》首先要引用的报道如下:今年8月,上海浦东国际机场货运站有限公司(PACTL) 货量同比增长了13.9%,至15.7万吨,为今年第二好的月度成绩。其中,国际货上涨了14.7%,至14.8万吨;国内货小幅上涨了2.4%,至0.8万吨(上海国内航空货物主要通过虹桥机场操作)。2017年1-8月,PACTL的货运处理量同比上涨了12.6%,至119万吨。
  • Charles Kauffman
  • September 12, 2017

Yes, July was great, but what about August?

Three weeks ago, based on reports of July performance from some of the world’s big cargo carriers and airports, we predicted that when WorldACD and IATA released their comprehensive analyses in early September, we would see worldwide demand for air freight in July up between 11% and 12% y-o-y. Late last week, WorldACD reported year-over-year […]
  • David Harris
  • September 7, 2017

Pactl’s cargo handle up almost 15% in July

A month ago, Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co Ltd (Pactl, the biggest handler at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport) reported a 13.8% y-o-y increase in its June cargo handle to 155,000 tonnes, its biggest year-over-year gain this year. Well, that was June, and Pactl’s July results are even stronger. Pactl reported its July handle up […]
  • David Harris
  • August 9, 2017

If Pactl is any indication, May will be a great month

Shanghai Pudong International Airport Cargo Terminal Co Ltd (Pactl, the biggest handler at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport) reported a 13.0% y-o-y increase in its May cargo handle to 154,000 tonnes, its best monthly result this year. Pactl started the year strongly, with a 12.3% y-o-y increase for the combined January/February period, and stayed in double digits […]
  • David Harris
  • June 8, 2017

Air cargo continues upward trajectory in August

Now that many of the world’s major cargo carriers and airports have reported their August results, it seems that June was indeed the turning point for 2016 cargo traffic. For the third consecutive month, most airports and carriers are showing growth – even Taiwan-based EVA airways seems to have turned the corner from its contractionary […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • September 15, 2016

First look at April

Already well into the second quarter of 2016, uncertainties remain for how airfreight demand will develop in 2016. Figures from April are perhaps the most anticipated this year for two reasons. First, the data is well-distanced from the January-February annual disruptions caused by the Lunar New Year celebration which often softens demand during one of […]
  • Charles Kauffman
  • May 9, 2016

European cargo on the upswing?

The big three Western European carriers have all reported their January cargo results, and all three show improving performance. However, before you break out the Champagne, remember that neither January nor February data can be considered meaningful on their own. The timing of the Lunar New Year holiday in Asia can cause big shifts in […]
  • David Harris
  • February 15, 2016
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