Charles Kauffman

Charles Kauffman

Senior Editor

Charles Kauffman is the Senior Editor of the company’s monthly newsletter, Cargo Facts and weekly e-mail publication Cargo Facts Update. He holds a BA in International Studies from the University of Washington, and an MA in International Relations from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Charles speaks Mandarin and Spanish.

Fleet modernization boosts December 2019 widebody freighter aircraft transactions

Of the twenty-seven freighter aircraft transactions (FATs) recorded by Cargo Facts in December 2019, nearly two-thirds involved widebody aircraft. Fleet modernization efforts undertaken by carriers such as Lufthansa Cargo and FedEx prompted many of the transactions involving twin-aisle freighters. To continue reading this feature, please go to Page 14 of our January 2020 issue.

DHL to add a pair of 737-800Fs

DHL Express plans to add to its fleet a pair of freighter-converted 737-800BDSFs, Cargo Facts has learned. Both aircraft are owned by Spectre Air Capital and were converted to freighter configuration by Israel Aerospace Industries’ Aviation Group, or IAI, at the company’s MRO facility in Tel Aviv (TLV). Following conversion, the aircraft (28619, ex-Pegasus and […]

ZTO Express’ dedicated freighter operation remains limited post-peak

It has only been two weeks since the start of 2020, but HNA Group affiliate Tianjin Air Cargo (TAC) has already expanded its freighter network with the launch of its first scheduled international route, a weekly flight between Zhengzhou (CGO) and Bangkok (BKK) on Jan. 8, and another between CGO and Dhaka (DAK) on Jan. […]

PEMCO的737-700 FlexCombi完成FAA认证飞行测试,即将获得STC

12月18日,PEMCO航空集团与美国联邦航空管理局(FAA)合作完成了其737-700 FlexCombi飞机改装项目的飞行测试。该架认证合格的飞机(30293,之前在雅库特航空公司服役)在通过烟雾侵入测试后于当地时间下午3:53降落在坦帕(TPA),这是该项目在收到补充型号合格证(STC)之前与FAA合作进行的一系列飞行测试中的最后一次。 随着飞行测试的完成,PEMCO集团的737-700 FlexCombi项目目前距获得一张FAA的STC仅有几步之遥。改装厂正在向FAA提交其已完成的申请摘要,而FFA需在收到该申请之后的90天之内对其做出审查。STC可以在这90天的时间内提前发布。 宣布亚洲空运会议2020的会议议程

FedEx retires last A310-300F

Over the weekend, FedEx completed its final revenue flight utilizing an A310-300F. After completing a routine round-trip flight between Sioux Falls (FSD) and FedEx’s Memphis (MEM) hub on the morning of Jan. 4, the express company bid farewell to the final operating A310-300F (439) in its fleet.  This was the third A310-300F FedEx has retired since Christmas. Until recently, FedEx had operated the trio of A310-300Fs in scheduled service. […]


中国南方航空已将其货运部门拆分为一家独立公司。新的全资子公司成立于12月24日,注册资本为10亿元人民币(合1.429亿美元)。 该举措响应了中国改革大型国有企业的国家政策。南航曾在今年早些时候的《货运事实》亚洲峰会上表示,该公司已经开始着手将其货运业务设立为一个独立的部门。 南航的货机机队目前由两架747-400F和十二架777F组成。货运公司将一架现有的77-300 ER改装完成之后,将在2020年添加两架新的777FS。 宣布亚洲空运会议2020的会议议程

Cargo Facts to announce EMEA 2020 DEMOvation contestants

Next week, Cargo Facts and HANGAR Labs will begin announcing companies selected to participate in the Cargo Facts EMEA 2020 DEMOvation competition. This year’s competition will take place on Feb. 3-5 at the Westin Grand Frankfurt and will feature demonstrations from top innovators among aviation and logistics technology startups. Additionally, the startups will be showcased in Cargo Facts […]
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