Demand growth strengthens in April

When the world’s big cargo carriers, airports, and handlers began reporting their April results, it appeared that while year-over-year growth in demand for air freight would probably be a little higher than the 1.7% IATA reported for March, it would not be by much. But as results continued to come in from some of the […]

What next for Emirates — Video

It will be some time before all the cargo moved by air in 2016 is tallied, but when the numbers are finally published, it is likely that Emirates will, once again, be the world’s top international cargo carrier. The airline’s rise from a pair of airlines leased from nearby Pakistan a little over thirty years ago, […]

Trade is what will keep America Great

As everyone involved in the air freight industry knows, calls for protectionism were a major feature of the US election. Donald Trump, the eventual winner, based his entire campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again”. How would he do that? It often seemed that his plan to make America great was based entirely on cutting the […]

Now what?

The world woke up this morning with a single question: “Now what?” The answer, particularly for those of us involved in the air freight and logistics industries, is: “Who knows?” Donald Trump, who will soon take office as President of the United States of America, articulated few policy positions, but one thing he did say […]

Be careful what you wish for

According to a report in Dutch newspaper Financieele Dagblad, Netherlands Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Wilma Mansveld confirmed that her government had frozen landing rights for the big three Gulf Region carriers at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport The move comes in response to complaints by European airlines (including troubled Franco-Dutch giant Air France-KLM) that government […]
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