ASL and West Atlantic are raising cash

The front-runner to acquire TNT’s two airlines – in terms of market speculation, anyway – is Ireland’s ASL Aviation Group and its 51% shareholder, Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB). So it comes as little surprise that ASL has completed a funding round, worth US$110m, for “growth plans.” While no one is talking much about their possible […]

European (dis)Union

Looked at through the lens of aviation, the European Union seems to be trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time. On one hand, the European Commission has just published what it calls “a new Aviation Strategy for Europe.” This four-part plan includes initiatives to accelerate the Single European Sky project; to […]

Another 737 freighter for West Atlantic

Sweden-based West Atlantic acquired a 737-300F (23513, ex-TNT Airways). The carrier tells Cargo Facts the freighter will be used as a maintenance spare/ad-hoc charter aircraft, operated by West Atlantic’s UK-based subsidiary Atlantic Airlines. In addition to a large fleet of ATP turboprop freighters, West Atlantic now has one 737-400F, six 737-300Fs, and three CRJ200Fs, and […]
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