CFS 2019: Strength of domestic express, feedstock issues dominate Symposium discussions

SAN DIEGO – On the sidelines of Cargo Facts Symposium 2019, Chelsea Toczauer, associate editor, Cargo Facts sat down with Rich Corrado, president, ATSG to discuss growth prospects for the U.S. domestic express fleet, and his reflections on Cargo Facts Symposium 2019.

Despite softening demand for international long-haul transportation, Corrado expects robust demand from domestic express and e-commerce to continue into 2020. “We’re going to deploy ten aircraft on dry leases, and sub-lease six back for operation on a CMI basis.”

While ATSG has secured a supply of feedstock for its near-term conversions, the broader feedstock supply has been heavily disrupted by the grounding of the 737 MAX, and more recently with the pickle-fork issue. “Until the MAX issue gets worked out, airlines are going to be very reluctant to let go of aircraft,” said Corrado.

See the video clip below for the full interview:


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