ASL rebrands

A former Fanrair Hungary 737-400F, now wearing the new ASL Airlines livery.

A former Fanrair Hungary 737-400F, now wearing the new ASL Airlines livery.

Ireland-based ASL Aviation Group is rebranding its four Europe-based airlines under a new “ASL Airlines” name.

Following its acquisition of the Farnair Group last year, ASL owns, controls, or has significant stakes in seven airlines: Air Contractors (Ireland), Europe Airpost (France), Farnair Switzerland, Farnair Hungary, QuikJet (India), K-Mile (Thailand), and Safair (South Africa). As part of its “strategy for continued growth in passenger and cargo operations,” ASL said it would bring all four of its Europe-based carriers under a single umbrella. Group headquarters will remain in Ireland, but…

  • Air Contractors will become ASL Airlines Ireland
  • Europe Airpost will become ASL Airlines France
  • Farnair Switzerland will become ASL Airlines Switzerland
  • Farnair Hungary will become ASL Airlines Hungary

ASL says its total fleet is made up of about 100 aircraft (depending on leasing arrangements), of which 75 are flying in Europe and in future will operate under the ASL Airlines brand. Some of these will be painted in the livery of ASL’s customers, while the rest will wear the new ASL Airlines livery.

ASL and Farnair Fleets, 2015 JuneOn the freighter side of the operation, Cargo Facts believes ASL operates a total of fifty-one units, as shown in the chart at right.

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  1. What ever happened to Falcon Express Cargo, sub of Farnair, that operated throughout the Gulf with F27’s and B1900D’s ???

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