End of an era, Martinair retires its MD-11Fs


Once a common sight at cargo airports around the world, the Martinair MD-11F has passed into history. Photo: wikimedia/Brian

In the last two weeks, Martinair, the all-cargo subsidiary of Air France-KLM, retired its last two MD-11Fs (48616 and 48757) [FATs 003346 – 3347]. Martinair now operates three 747-400Fs and one 747-400BCF.

Founded in the Netherlands in1958 as a passenger carrier by Martin Schröder (as Martin’s Air Charter), Martinair gradually morphed into a major all-cargo carrier, wholly owned by Air France-KLM. Since 1994 it has been known primarily as an MD-11F operator, although it also acquired several 747-400s and had them converted to freighter configuration.

But with AF-KLM struggling to find a path to cargo profitability, all three carriers have shed freighters – to the point that the combined freighter fleet of Air France, KLM, and Martinair now consists of just three 747-400ERFs and one 747-400BCF at Martinair, and two 777Fs at Air France.

With these final two retirements, you won’t see Martinair’s MD-11Fs in the sky or on the ramp again, but we will leave you with a couple of videos…

First, a glimpse at Martinair Cargo’s final MD-11F takeoff:


And the last landing:

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