EVA confirms freighter fleet replacement

EVA confirmed its plan to replace 747-400 and MD-11 freighters with 777Fs.

Speaking at a ceremony marking the simultaneous delivery of two 777-300ER passenger aircraft last month, EVA Air Chairman Zhang Wei confirmed the carrier’s intent to replace its nine 747-400Fs and three MD-11Fs with 777Fs.

Various EVA executives have made similar comments in the last year, and, like them, Mr. Zhang did not provide a timeline for the modernization program. He did, however, comment that EVA intended to replace its fourteen A330-200s/-300s with 787-10s, and also said the carrier was working with Boeing on the design of the 777X.

In other EVA news, the carrier extended its current cargo handling contract at Frankfurt Main (FRA) with Fraport Cargo Services.

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