Asiana brings new life to Bedek’s 747-400 conversion program

During the Cargo Facts Symposium, Rafi Matalon, Bedek’s senior director & GM Marketing and Business Development, announced that his company had received an order, from an unidentified customer, for two 747-400 combi-to-freighter conversions. Given the limited number of -400 combis in operation, the source of feedstock could have been winnowed down to just a few carriers, but recently Bedek revealed that their customer is Korea-based Asiana Airlines, which has two 747-400Ms in its fleet. The first 747-400M (25784) was ferried to Tel-Aviv and inducted into Bedek’s MRO, where it will undergo “nose-to-tail” conversion. Bedek expects the conversion to take about 90 days, after which the second unit (25782) will be inducted [FATs 003604 – 3606].

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