SF Express eyes Europe

SF Express, China’s biggest private-sector express company, wants to expand into Europe.

At the Cargo Facts Asia event in Hong Kong in April 2012, George Li Dongqi, President of Shenzhen-based SF Airlines (and VP of parent SF EXPRESS) said the carrier planned to expand its fleet from the then current 25 owned and chartered narrowbody freighters to over 60 units, including widebodies, by 2015 and over 150 by 2021. There were those in the industry who dismissed this as little more than a grandiose dream, but anyone who had been paying attention to the exploding Chinese express was not surprised.

Now, two-and-a-half years later, Mr. Li, in an interview in the South China Morning Post, not only re-confirmed the fleet expansion schedule, but said SF was planning to expand its business into Europe. You can read the Morning Post article, but here are some highlights.

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