AirBridgeCargo’s new 747-8F

Moscow-based AirBridgeCargo Airlines took delivery of its sixth 747-8F (60687).

This is something of an interesting transaction, as AirBridge had only formally ordered five 747-8Fs, the last of which was delivered in late 2013. However, the carrier announced earlier this year that it would acquire a sixth unit by November,  and it eventually became apparent that it would be a freighter originally built for Cathay Pacific, and rolled out in late July.

It remains to be seen how Boeing will report the order and delivery.

In addition to the new 747-8F, the AirBridge fleet includes four 747-400ERFs and three 747-400Fs.

One thought on “AirBridgeCargo’s new 747-8F

  1. According Boeing’s latest order update the 6th ABC aircraft has been added to the order list with customer : AirBridgeCargo airlines.
    See :

    For the record : the first 5 ABC operated aircraft are listed with customer : Volga Dnepr UK.,Ltd,

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