Collapsible ULD new type.

Avdome Aviation Inc. located in Georgia, USA and Dookang Air Solutions, Seoul, S. Korea have come up with a new concept of ULD’s (Unit Load Device). As it is a new concept and has the capability of revolutionizing the air freight services, the company is looking for a business partner with financial credibility in different regions of our world and ULD leasing and pooling companies/Airlines and cargo services to phase out the traditional ULD replacing with these new containers.

The main focus of Dookang Air Solutions is to continuously develop various air cargo containers including collapsible, frozen, cooling, air-conditioned, live animal transportation, land & ocean collapsible containers.  For now I would like to give you some salient features of these containers as follows…

  1. Collapsible: Full knock-down kit(FKD)

(a)     Can be collapsed completely within a minute by hand jack or electrical jack.

(b)     Can be easily stored  and stacked in limited space thus increasing storage capacity

(c)     Expanding also within 2-3 minutes

  1. Reduces Imbalance: The empty ULD’s can be shipped back to destination as it takes less space in aircraft deck.(when fully collapsed upto 7 ULD’d can be stacked in place of 1.)
  2. Light Weight: Will weigh 38% less than the traditional ULD’s as it is made up of honeycomb structured Fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum composite panel. Weight reduction 11 to 50 kg.
  3. Low Operating cost: These are nearly maintenance free and any part damaged can be easily replaced locally.
  4. Fuel Saving: The reduced weight of the containers will lead to saving of fuel by the carrier.
  5. Available in all types i.e. frozen, cooling and others.
  6. RFID Controller:  records destination, item description, weight and volume of packages, baggage tag data, contents of package etc. that significantly saves time required to load an aircraft and ensures that space is fully utilized. It features RFID Reader/writer, a GPRS modem, store package information, automatic calculation of total weight of container, records inside temperature, and location by GPS sensor, altitude, aircraft speed, smoke detector and high temperature sensor etc. In case of a crash a recorder acts as Black box and has an optional battery pack.
  7. Lease Program: Will help to reduce financial burden of purchasing containers in long term lease program

Avdome Aviation Inc. is in process of acquiring FAA TSO in Atlanta office .Our first line will be Type 1 certified LD3 weighing less than 70 kg. The next version will be Type 1 certified LD3 weighing less than 30 kg.

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