Latest news and air charter stories from Chapman Freeborn

Renowned air cargo charter broker Chapman Freeborn has launched December’s issue of the company’s corporate newsletter. We are delighted to share significant achievements, interesting charters, and exciting news from Chapman Freeborn’s global offices.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Singapore’s cargo charter specialists delivered innovative heavy lift solution to move urgent O&G equipment
  • Over 50 tons of medical equipment including hospital beds and surgical were flown to Hanoi
  • 100 polo ponies safely flown from Buenos Aires to Nigeria for a sporting event accompanied by their grooms and vets
  • A team of cycling champions flew on our chartered flight to Sliac, Slovakia, for a team-building camp
  • Further aid flown to help Syrian refugees
  • Air Dispatch (subsidiary company) helped to provide a relaxing travel experience for the Cirque du Soleil performers

Also read about our company’s expansion, new appointments and many more interesting charter stories in this issue of Update!

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