Prime Air fleet update – January 2017

Amazon’s Prime Air fleet continued to grow throughout January 2017. Both Air Transport Services Group (ATSG) and Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings (AAWW) added freighters to the Amazon Prime fleet during the month.

  • Air Transport Services Group took redelivery of a 767-300BDSF (24036, ex-American) following conversion by Bedek. Cargo Aircraft Management (ATSG’s leasing arm) leased the freighter to Amazon, which handed it back to ATSG subsidiary carrier ABX Air, which will operate it on a CMI basis [FATs 003693 – 3695].
  • Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings took redelivery of a 767-300BDSF (30109, ex-Transaero) following conversion by Bedek Aviation Group. Titan Aviation Leasing (AAWW’s leasing arm) has leased the freighter to Amazon, which has handed it back to AAWW subsidiary carrier Atlas Air for CMI operation [FATs 003696 – 3698].

Following these two additions, Amazon now has eighteen 767 freighters in its fleet. Through its ABX Air and ATI subsidiaries, ATSG operates twelve 767-200Fs and four 767-300BDSFs for Amazon, while AAWW, through its Atlas Air subsidiary operates two 767-300BDSFs.

ATSG has four more 767-300s either in or awaiting conversion at Bedek’s Tel Aviv facility and destined for Amazon service. All four will have been redelivered by the end of this year, fulfilling ATSG’s commitment to provide a total of twenty 767 freighters for the e-commerce giant. For its part, Atlas currently has two 767-300s in conversion for Amazon (one by Bedek and one by Boeing), but says it has locked up feedstock and conversion slots for the sixteen remaining in its commitment.

For more insights into the Freighter Aircraft Transaction (FAT) codes listed in this article, checkout Cargo Facts’ FAT database.

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