Record orders at Dubai Airshow

Updated 20 November:

With the Dubai Airshow almost over, we can add a few notes and update the order & commitment chart. The total of 550 shown in our original chart (see second below) has been reduced to 528, as the flydubai order appears to have been for “up to” 100 737MAX aircraft, with the firm order for just 75. However we have also added a commitment by Air Algérie for 3 A330-200s.

The updated chart:

We also note the following:

  • The Etihad order for 36 A320 family aircraft was comprised of 10 A320neo and 26 A321neo
  • Lufthansa announced its intention to order the 34 777-9X before the Dubai Airshow, but since the program wasn’t officially launched until the show, we continue to include the order here.
  • In addition to the orders shown, carriers took out options for even more aircraft. Emirates’ A380 order includes options for 50 more, Qatar’s A330-200F order includes options for eight more, and flydubai’s 737MAX order is reported to include options for 25 more.
  • At least two orders for turboprops were placed during the show: Air Cote d’Ivoire ordered two Q400s from Bombardier, and GECAS ordered five ATR72-600s.

The 2013 edition of the Dubai Airshow opened with a record day: 550 commercial jetliner orders and commitments with a list-price total worth approaching US$200 billion.

We will update the chart as the show goes on, but a few things from Day One are worth special mention:

  • The 200 aircraft ordered by Emirates have a total list price of about $99 billion, which is a record for a single carrier
  • The 259 orders for Boeing’s 777X represent what the manufacturer calls the “largest product launch in commercial jetliner history by dollar value.” How much? About $95 billion.
  • Less spectacular, but in many ways more interesting, is the following comment from Etihad Airways about the 143 orders it placed: “In a unique new approach, Etihad Airways will have a capability to redirect orders to members of its equity alliance, the airlines in key markets around the world in which it holds minority shareholdings.  This will allow capacity to be allocated where most required, while improving fleet commonality and sharing significant cost synergies among equity alliance carriers.”
  • And finally, Airbus received a nice boost for its A33-200F program in the form of a five unit order from Qatar Airways. The Doha-based carrier currently operates three of the type, as well as five 777Fs. Etihad Airways also ordered freighters – one A330-200F and one 777F.

2 thoughts on “Record orders at Dubai Airshow

  1. As mentioned above, Etihad Airways made it a condition of its orders that it be able to redirect aircraft to carriers in which it has an equity stake. Three days later, it has done just that, announcing that ten of the 36 A320neos will in fact go to Air Serbia (in which Etihad has a 49% equity stake). And to be clear, this is not a deal in which Etihad will buy the aircraft and then lease them to the smaller carrier, but rather the aircraft will be purchased by Air Serbia on terms negotiated by Etihad.

  2. The order totals are now updated.

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