The source of this year’s peak season demand


Peak season varies from year-to-year, starting and ending at different points, but often wrapping-up by the end of December. Evidence from forwarders, charter brokers and carriers however, suggest  that this year’s peak season may last through the end of December, and well into January.

But what exactly is driving this demand for air lift? Cargo Facts spoke with a reliable source in northern Canada who claims to have figured out the answer, after a recent trip to the North Pole. The source claims that a 2015 accident involving a freighter and his sleigh prompted Santa to outsource not only his workshop operations, but also his own-operated air freight logistics. Photographic evidence of the incident is provided for your analysis. If what the source says is true, much of this peak season surge could be directly attributed to supply-chain changes up at the North Pole.

From all of us at Cargo Facts, Air Cargo Management Group, and Royal Media, best wishes for
the holiday season, and for a challenging and rewarding year in 2017.

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