This Month’s Contest: Fabulous prizes to be won!

The TIACA Air Cargo Forum in Amsterdam last week took place in the midst of some of the most serious challenges ever to confront the air freight industry: Bombs on airplanes. Criminal charges. But there was a non-serious challenge as well. It began with registration, and continues even now, days after the conference ended and our flights departed Amsterdam. No one I spoke to during the event had an answer, so maybe some of you clever freight dogs here on will be able to solve the mystery.

At registration, every delegate was given a briefcase full of conference documentation, as well a few gift items from major sponsors. One of those gifts was from Air France/KLM/Martinair. I’m sure it is useful and valuable, but I don’t have a clue what it is.

So, big prizes (i.e. I will buy you coffee and donuts at the local Top Pot Donut Emporium) are on offer to whoever is first to identify
this… this… this thing. Other than what you can glean from the four photos below, I will add that it was made of lightweight plastic, and that it wasn’t particularly rugged (i.e. it was too flexible to support much weight).

The basic item:

Ah, but it has movable parts.

Fully folded out it looks like this:

And finally, for scale:


2 thoughts on “This Month’s Contest: Fabulous prizes to be won!

  1. David- you know how copper wire was invented? A Dutchman and a Scotsman were fighting over a penny. Think along those thoughts as you contemplate the longevity of your fancy coffee holder. (also- bear in mind that Dutch cups of coffee are only 3 sips big— so much smaller cups than what us Americans drink).

  2. David,
    Hey! I told you (correctly) what it was, at the show. But never mind, Karen’s stories are nicer. (So Dutch people have deep pockets and short arms, too? Didn’t know that…)

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