EFW begins converting young A330 for DHL

The youngest A330 to be sent for conversion arrived at the Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW) facility in Dresden (DRS) on March 10. The A330-300 (1124) previously in service with Hong Kong Airlines, is just under ten years old. EFW confirmed to Cargo Facts the aircraft has been inducted for conversion into freighter configuration [FAT 005354], and […]

Altavair widebody fleet purchase could accelerate A330P2F conversions

Seattle-based Altavair signed a $1 billion agreement to acquire thirty-eight widebody aircraft currently owned by Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways. The acquisition includes sixteen 777-300ERs, sixteen A330-200s and six A330-300s. Altavair is considering freighter conversion as an option for the A330s, a move that could quickly accelerate the introduction of A330P2Fs. Although a large market has […]

AirBridgeCargo takes delivery of Aviation Capital-financed 747-8F

On 23 February, AirBridgeCargo Airlines took delivery of a 747-8F at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) after it was ferried from Boeing’s Paine Field (PAE) facility. The aircraft (63787) is the first to be partially financed under US-based lessor Aviation Capital Group LLC’s (ACG’s) Aircraft Financing Solutions (AFS) program. ACG announced the deal last month and will guarantee the loan […]

Freighter aircraft leasing: Portfolios full of narrowbodies – part I

Today we begin our annual analysis of the increasingly complex world of freighter aircraft leasing. In this multi-part series, we start with an overview of the lessors involved in freighter aircraft leasing. In part II, we look at the leased freighter fleet by carrier.  The process a carrier must undergo to expand its fleet is […]


本周,大韩航空签收了第十二架波音777F,根据其机队调整方案,将不再过多依赖于波音747-400BCF及波音747-400ERF。该飞机由GECAS租赁,为2016年9月大韩航空和GECAS之间签署的关于五架波音777F出售及回租交易的一部分,也是最后签收的一架飞机。2015年2月以来,大韩航空已经退役了九架波音747-400BCF,并以两架波音747-8F以及如今的8架波音777F作为替代。这些飞机的交付正好位于全球航空货运需求剧增的关键时期,对过去几年停滞不前的货运业务提供了创造收益的有力保障。 最新的2017年第二季度财务报告显示,大韩航空美国航线的货运收益同比上涨了15.3%,货量同比上涨了2.6%。 大韩航空现有的货机机队包括十二架波音777F,七架波音747-8F,五架波音747-400F,以及四架波音747-400ERF。目前,大韩航空没有计划退役现有货机或新增货机订单。 此外,大韩航空还逐步淘汰了其波音747-400ER系列中的两架货机。上周,总部位于首尔的大韩航空将其剩余的五架波音747-400ERF中的一架出租给了Altavair,后者立即将其租给了亚特拉斯航空集团。该飞机为前段时间两架飞机交易的一部分,其中还包括了另一家姐妹飞机,Altavair于今年9月份租给了阿特拉斯航空。

Recent freighter aircraft transactions

Every week in Cargo Facts Update, we include a list of recent freighter aircraft transactions, and then a comprehensive summary in the monthly issue of Cargo Facts. Each reference to a freighter aircraft transaction (FAT) in our publications contains a unique FAT code linked to the FAT database on the CargoFacts.com website. This database is […]


阿特拉斯集团从Altavair租赁了1架波音747-400ERF。该架货机自2003年至今由大韩航空运营。去年,Altavair收购了该架飞机及另一架姐妹机。另一架飞机预计将在近期离开大韩航空机队,并同样租赁给阿特拉斯。 考虑到租赁客户的增速,阿特拉斯机队扩充波音747系列飞机并不意外。上个月,阿特拉斯集团宣布与香港货运航空签署了租赁服务协议,为其提供3架波音747-400货机运力。其中,第一架飞机于今年9月份投入运营(服役于亚洲-美国航线),第二架、第三架飞机将于2018年投入运营。此外,阿特拉斯集团还与另外3家亚洲航空签订了租赁服务协议,包括国泰航空(2架波音747-8F)、韩亚航空(1架波音747-400F)以及金鹏航空(1架波音747-400F)。
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